The 10th Annual Wear Red Day takes place tomorrow, and the American Heart Association wants to make sure everyone is involved.

According to the group, heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S., with ninety percent having one or more risk factors for developing the disease.

Lauren Mattia, volunteer chair of the Go Red for Women Corporate Challenge, says heart disease comes with a common misconception.

"Many years ago, like our parents [generation], heart attacks were a man's disease," Mattia said. "Well, that's absolutely the reverse. The statistics show that actually more women than men die of heart disease."

She says prevention is as easy as knowing your family history and being healthier.

"Staying active, staying healthy and choosing the right foods can put us in a better health condition for fighting things like heart disease," Mattia said. "Those really are complementary to even other diseases, like cancer."

Go Red for Women has helped educate thousands of women, saving more than 627,000 lives in the process.

To participate in the campaign, simply wear something red. People may also donate to the cause by buying a $5 red dress pin, to raise awareness.

Other events will be held later this year, including a luncheon on May 1st at Hart's Hill Inn, in Whitesboro.