Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning, touching on several issues all levels of government - local, state and national.

  • Regarding government finances overall, "There's no money on the state level, there's no money on the local level."
  • But referring to New York State's finances, "From where we were two years ago...I think things are moving in the right direction."
  • Did Gov. Cuomo act too quickly on New York's new gun legislation? ''Yeah, I think so. There are just so money different things he covered in this bill'', adding he believes the governor could have broken down the issue into 10 or 15 pieces of legislation. Brindisi also says he would have liked to include public hearings prior to voting on the bill.
  • Brindisi also touched on his own bill to alter the formula for school funding distribution (audio below). "The New York State Constitution says every student is entitled to a sound education. All the school districts in this area should be given the same opportunities."
  • Highlighting a national issue that could hit close to home: sequester and federal furloughs. It would effect DFAS employees, and the overall budget for Rome Labs, he said.