Cooperstown, NY (WIBX)- Yankee legend Bernie Williams came to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown yesterday for their Author Series. Bernie along with Dave Gluck and Bob Thompson wrote ‘Rhythms of the Game: The Link Between Musical and Athletic Performance’. Dave Gluck is originally from Utica, NY but currently teaches at SUNY Purchase and is a percussionist, composer, and arranger. Bob Thompson is a Grammy-nominated producer and musician.

The Evening started out with Dave Gluck and Bob Thompson coming out on stage to give the audience a little background on themselves and how this book came about. Once they introduced Williams, the three of them explained how music and baseball are similar. They showed clips from a homerun that Willams hit in the 1996 ALCS along with a clip from the 2001 ALCS where Derek Jeter made the flip to Jorge Posada to get Jason Giambi out.

Gluck and Williams explained how children shouldn’t have to choose between sports and music. They explained how parents should support and help their children accomplish both if that is what the child wants. Williams talked about looking at the bigger picture “You kind of have to look at the bigger picture, and how this is going to impact the kid in the long run and just to build you know, positive images and positive reinforcements all the time.” They finished the Author Series with several questions from the audience. Williams answered questions regarding the pressure from George Steinbrenner in the beginning of his baseball career and how he was able to  play baseball and continue to develop his love for music.

The evening ended with a performance from Williams. The crowd cheered as they were informed that Williams will be on the Hall of Fame ballot for 2012 and Williams blushed. He then performed in the Plaque Gallery surrounded by all of the Hall of Fame plaques. See his performance below.