Major League Baseball just can't seem to get it right.

Let me count the ways, and there are many, many more:

There are numerous examples of how MLB has blown the call when it comes to an assortment of issues, and even when they get it right, they somehow get it wrong.

This is the first year of the expanded playoff system with one additional Wild Card team making the postseason. Most people like this expanded system - albeit by just one team in the each league -but here is the problem: the two Wild Card teams play a one game playoff to see who advances, then host the team with the best record for the first two games of the Division Series.

So in the American League, the Yankees battle to win the league's best record for the right to travel to a still undetermined location to open the playoffs?!?!

While New York will still host more games (it will be two on the road then three at home, assuming the series goes five games) since when does the best team in the league have to travel to start the series. Shouldn't they be relaxing and waiting to see who wins the Wild Card game, then wait some more as that team travels to the Bronx to open the series?

So after today's one game Wild Card Playoff Series, if you can call one game a series, Joe Girardi and company will travel to either Baltimore or Texas. And the same is true in the National League where Washington will have to wait to see if they're heading to St. Louis or Atlanta.