Utica Police say a man who was found dead last night inside a house on the 800 block of McVean Street is Jerry McNair.

McNair was wanted for allegedly strangling and shooting his ex-girlfriend earlier this week.

A woman who was also found dead inside the home has been identified as 36-year old Petra Gonzalez, another ex-girlfriend.

We'll bring you more information on this developing story as it becomes available.


A search for a man who allegedly shot a woman in the head has ended with a grim discovery.

It began earlier this week when a woman asked a family member to bring her to the hospital claiming her boyfriend had strangled her with a USB cord. She awoke the next day on the floor with a severe headache.

At the hospital they found a bullet lodged in her skull. Police began looking for her former boyfriend.

They believed he was hiding in a home at 815-817 McVean Street. They surrounded the house for hours, trying to contact anyone inside before finally entering the house at 9:30pm.

When they got in they, found the bodies of a man and woman.

The identities of the two have not been released.

The Utica Police Department is holding a news conference later today. The New Hartford Emergency Response Team and Oneida County Sheriffs Office are assisting in the investigation.