Utica, NY (WIBX) - Brian Brown has been sentenced to a total of 75 years to life in connection with two local bank robberies last summer, and for shooting Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Burger.

Brown was convicted in February of a total of 11 counts, including robbery, aggravated attempted murder and aggravated assault of a police officer for robbing the Bank of America in Utica on May 27, 2010, the NBT Bank in Rome on July 29th, 2010, and shooting Deputy Burger after the Rome holdup.

Burger addressed the court, and Brown specifically, prior to sentencing. He said it was the luckiest day of Brian Brown's life because what Brown really deserved was to give Burger the chance to take 'three shots' at him from 15 feet away, as Brown did to him. Burger explained how being shot has impacted his life, saying he lives with the reality of being in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He repeatedly called Brown a 'coward' for his actions.

Burger was on crutches as he attended Brown's trial in February. While he did not use crutches today, he did walk with a noticable limp and indicated he may never again have feeling in his foot.

Brian Brown had a chance to address the court but did not apologize. Instead, he called the entire Oneida County law enforcement and justice system corrupt, saying the judge and all the lawyers were working together against him. Brown denied shooting 'Mr. Michael Burger'. When Judge Michael Dwyer asked if Brown had any remorse, he replied, "Remorse for what?"

Brown also argued it wasn't fair that an alternate juror was used during deliberations at his trial. The juror was excused after receiveing an emergency phone call regarding a family illness. At that time, Brown had the opportunity to request a new trial, but declined and signed a waiver allowing an alternate juror to be selected.

Ikiko Brown, Brian Brown's cousin and accomplice, pleaded guilty to his involvement in the two robberies and was setenced to a 30 years in prison last November. That sentence could have been reduced to 25 years but Ikiko refused to testify against his cousin.

Audio of Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Burger addressing Brian Brown, and Brown's allegations of corruption: