The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) will be operating independently from the University of Albany.

In a written statement from SUNY, University of Albany (UAlbany) President Robert Jones said, “As the pioneering research university that spawned CNSE, UAlbany is now poised to capitalize on new academic and research opportunities,” basically meaning that both institutions can pursue research funding separately.

In the same release issued by her office, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher made the following statement:

“UAlbany deserves enormous credit for incubating the growth of CNSE into the groundbreaking research and innovation center it has become.  Because of CNSE’s success, importance to SUNY and New York State, and its unique statewide economic development mission, this is a natural progression in its evolution. It is also a tremendous opportunity for UAlbany to build on its experience with CNSE and the start of a new era of reinvestment and focus for the campus. Today, we begin the thoughtful and deliberative work that is required for an undertaking of this magnitude and many details will need to be addressed as we move forward. I am confident that we are on the precipice of creating something that is new, exciting, statewide in its scope, and the first of its kind in public higher education.”

The change is expected to take place by the 2014-2015 academic year.