New York (WIBX) - The ex-madam who made a run at governor of New York is critical of the Lifetime movie about the Craigslist Killer.

Kristen Davis says Philip Markoff's murder victim, Julissa Brissman, isn't mentioned by name. Davis, who ran on a platform of legalizing prostitution and marijuana, says the women who were victimized by Markoff were not portrayed as victims in the movie, and says some viewers may have felt sorry for Markoff and his fiance after watching it.

Philip Markoff, originally from Sherrill, committed suicide amid accusations of robbery, assault and murder, allegedly targeting women who advertised massage services on the website Craigslist.

"Lifetime did not even name the real victim. Her name is Julissa Brissman, and she was my friend and former employee. She was a sweet girl, albeit troubled but working through those troubles and trying to make a better life for herself. She did not deserve to die." said Davis.

"After watching the movie, I am appalled at the lack of representation of the actual victims - the women who were robbed, assaulted and murdered. Davis stated "for a network, Lifetime, whose goal is to promote empowerment to women, the portrayal of Phillip Markoff and his fiancé as sympathetic characters is a complete injustice to women everywhere".

'I believe that prostitution should be decriminalized so that women who are victims are afforded legal protection and can call the police if they are victimized. Lets not forget that Phillip Markoff was found to have the trophies of dozens of women he victimized. If one of them felt comfortable calling the police then Julissa Brissman would still be alive and this man would have been caught," said Davis.

"Although we kid ourselves that we live in a progressive society we are still quite closed minded. Lifetime did not give Julissa a name because society doesn't place any value on the lives of sex workers. They are called whores, they are committing crimes so they are automatically deemed less valuable members of society" Davis wrote on her blog.