Despite the State of Emergency that was declared in  he town Fairfield this week, the town's supervisor is actually hopeful the won't be getting state or federal assistance to pay for damages.

Henry Crofoot says he's learned that it will likely take more widespread weather devastation in order for the state and federal governments to allocate money to the area for relief. So, he's literally hoping all the damage has already been done.

''Heaven forbid more communities and more people are affected, and [damage] reaches quite a high threshold, maybe there would be state and federal funds available. But, we don't really want to see that happen so we're just going to have to bite the bullet and take care of it [ourselves],'' Crofoot said.

Depending on where you measured, the town saw anywhere from 2-6 inches of rain this week, devastating town roads, he said.

Crofoot thanked residents for their understanding and patience, along with the Fairfield Highway Department and neighboring highway department's who have assisted.

Fairfield has many hills and farm fields, and with the heavy volume of raid that has soaked the ground, most of the additional precipitation is running off onto roads, moving rocks and trees and ruining culverts, he said.

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