6 AM Hour

We talked with magician Matt Episcopo of the Utica area who was at Radio City Music Hall Tuesday night watching America's Got Talent with Leon Etienne and Romy Low.  Matt felt the performance by Leon and Romy was amazing, even though one judge, Howard Stern, was not impressed.  The results will be announced on the NBC show tonight.

6:35 Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin

Peter Franklin is the last English speaking cab driver in NYC!

Full interview 8-7-13 with the Gabby Cabby:

Click here for his True Tales from the Big Apple.

6:50 Al Roker Overslept on Tuesday and missed his Weather Channel TV Show

The Today's Show's Al Roker Overslept???  Are you kidding me?  Doesn't he have a driver that waits outside his house to bring him to work?  I guess, it can happen to anyone.

7:10 AM  Matt Episcopo, Local Magician Reporting from Last Night's America's Got Talent

Hear his take on Leon and Romy's performance at Radio City Music Hall:

Photo Courtesy of Matt Episcopo






7:37 AM  Becky Czarnocki

is on talking about her horse being stolen from Oriskany Creek Farms.  Click here for photos and details.

(Bumped until tomorrow, Thursday)

We also spoke with Rome Assistant District Attorney Joseph Mellace who is running for Rome City Court Judge.  Mellace, who is also chairman of the Zoning Board in Rome, discussed some of the issues surrounding zoning in the city.


Rome Assistant District Attorney Joe Mellace Discusses His Candidacy For Rome City Court Judge

Rome Assistant District Attorney and Zoning Board Chairman Joseph Mellace is running for Rome City Court Judge. He joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to talk about his candidacy and zoning issues currently facing the city of Rome.