Utica College Men's Hockey Coach Gary Heenan is no longer pursuing the coaching vacancy at the University of Alaska Anchorage, he told WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.

''I guess that's news. It was fun to get out to Anchorage, they're in a tremendous league out there. They've fallen on some hard times. It was attractive to me at the time to think that I could go out there and help them get better. But, in the end I just don't think the timing is right for me and my family,'' Heenan said.

Heenan, Utica College's first ever men's hockey coach, said he was asked to fly out for another interview later this month, but felt the process was getting to point where it was becoming unfair to UC's player and his own family.

''I just thought, 'let's focus on what we have', and the college treats me so well, so,'' Heenan said.

''Who knows if I stuck it out through the entire process if I would have been their guy, but...it is what it is. Here I am and I'm happy. If an opportunity arises in the future, great. And, if not, that's fine.''

On his interest in the opeing, Heenan said, ''It's Division I, it's attractive.''

The UC Pioneers men's program is coming off its most successful season, which included its first NCAA Division III Frozen Four (2012-2013).

While on the show, Heenan also talked about the possibility of an AHL team coming to the Utica AUD.

Full interview from WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning: