A Utica police officer is crediting two good samaritans with saving his life after they helped him subdue a suspect.

UPD officer John Lomonico says as he was attempting to arrest 43 year old Ronald Flagg of Utica after seeing him crawling out of a window when Flagg ran away.

Officer Lomonico caught up to Flagg and began to struggle to arrest him when Stanley Markis of Etters, PA, noticed Flagg had a gun.

Markis pried the gun from Flagg's hand and kicked it away from him, but Flagg then tried to take Officer Lomonico's weapon.

That's when another citizen, Jack Carter, of Utica, saw the struggle and helped Officer Lomonico and Markis control and handcuff Flagg.

Flagg, 43, of Neilson street in Utica is a NYS parolee.

He was allegedly in possession of a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun, which was stolen out of New Hartford.

The UPD says the investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected.


He was charged with:

  • Criminal Possession of a weapon 2nd (a class C felony),
  • Attempted Criminal Possession of a weapon 3rd (a class E felony),
  • Attempted Criminal Possession of a weapon 2nd (a class D felony),
  • Criminal Possession of stolen property 4th (a class E felony),
  • Resisting Arrest, and
  • Obstructing governmental administration 2nd.

Chief Mark Williams publicly thanked Mr. Markis and Mr. Carter for their actions, and Officer Lomonico credits the two men with saving his life.

In the near future Mayor Robert Palmieri and the Utica Police Department plan to formally commend the actions of these two brave men and Officer Lomonico.