Utica, NY (WIBX) - Nearly 20 Home Depot store employees were along Roosevelt Drive in Utica today helping with the cleanup efforts following this week's heavy flooding.

They brought cleaning supplies, mops, brooms and wheel barrows to help residents clean the muddy mess the flood left behind. That included power washers to clean driveways, and in one case, a generator.

"There was a young lady that had no power, and she just had a kid, so we brought over a generator and a heater," said Ray Tubbs, specialty assistant manager. "Everything in the basement was wiped out for virtually everybody."

"We heard there were families in need over here from an employee who had a friend that lived down the road, so we said, 'Let's go help them out and see what we can do," Tubbs said.

Many of the Home Depot employees volunteered their own time and came in on their day off to help, said Lance Buckingham, another store official.