Utica, NY (WIBX) - A jury has found two Utica men guilty in the January 2010 home invasion murder of 19-year-old Shaun Vaughn.

Eric Blackshear Junior, 21, and 23-year-old Vincent Enos stood trial this week on charges of second degree murder, robbery and burglary.

Vaughn was found fatally shot three times in the attic of his family's Waverly Place home.

A third man, Randolph Brown, was a key witness in the case. He admitted to his role in the break-in but said Enos and Blackshear took Vaughn up the attic and he later heard gunshots. Brown pleaded guilty to robbery and burglary earlier this month and was sentenced to 15 to 18 years in prison.

Blackshear is due to be sentenced on April 29th, while Enos will receive his sentence on May 6th.

"Justice has been served"

Shaun Vaughn's mother is still coping with the loss of her son, but said the jury's guilty verdict will bring  justice to the men who took her son's life.

"I'm happy that they're gonna get justice; Justice has been served. Get them off the streets so they won't do it again to anybody else," Vaughn's mother, Karen Brown said.

Speaking about her son, Brown said, "He was a good kid. He graduated from high school, he was gonna graduate from college in May of 2010, he wasn't disrespectful, he had a job. He was a good kid, I think I raised him right."

Emotions Spill Into Hall

There were at least two verbal exchanges between friends of Vaughn and friends or relatives of the two defandants.

In between closing arguments on Friday morning, a loud verbal dispute spilled into the hallway of the courthouse. Court security quickly seperated the involved parties and a police canine was present shortly after.

After the guilty verdict was read, emotions ran high in the halls of the courthouse again but with an increased security presence inside, and several Utica police units outside, cooler heads seemed to prevail.

Outside the courthouse, just minutes after the verdict, there was 'a lot of yelling', but no one was ticketed or taken into custody, according to one law enforcement official.