Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Southern Ice
Hometown of the Day: New York Mills
Newsmaker of the Day: State of the Union
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Ice on the Roads in the South

States like Georgia don't know what to do!

A Teacher in Georgia Spent the Night at School

...With 400 students stranded students because of their winter storm.  We spoke with the teacher.  She's actually originally from Newport, RI - so she has some experience dealing with snow.

The Weather Channel Was Hit With Rare Snowstorm

Our meteorologist, Jeff Eno, is the lone 'guy' at the Weather Channel this morning.  He said nobody could get in because of the ice and storm - weather Georgia and the South are not used to.

Gabby Cabby - Peter Franklin

Peter Franklin is talking about Superbowl week

So, Who Won Our 'State of the Union' Office Pool?

Jo Jo is the winner.  We asked several questions

Jim Piccola on the Delayed Implosion of the Faye Street Warehouse

It's been delayed because of a change with the contractor that will be actually handling the implosion.  Jim says they had to change companies because regulations involving explosives have changed in New York.  The new company is Dykon Explosives and Peak Environmental.  The implosion is expected to 'go off' in March.  A date will be announced soon.

A NY Congressman Told a Reporter He was Going to Break Him in Half

He was asked about a fundraising topic - and he didn't like the question.

Unbelievable Story About 2 Lost Dogs and a Craig's List Response

David Spencer has lost two dogs (the story is up online at and he's looking for help.  He's in the Little Falls-Indian Castle area.  He posted an ad on Craig's List and received a really bad response.  A person posted that his dogs were shot and killed in Herkimer.  Audio will follow...

Edward A. McDonald from Goodfella's Fame

Edward A. McDonald was there to deal with the real Henry Hill and the New York Crime Family involved in the Lufthanza Heist in 1978.  A decade later he was also on the set of Martin Scorsese's blockbuster, Goodfellas, playing himself as the prosecutor from the Justice Department who put the deal together for Hill and his girlfriend Karen, to enter the witness protection program.

Today, he's one of America's top Defense Attorneys  and he was on the show in the light of the most recent arrest of 78-year-old Vincent "Vinny" Asaro.  He's an amazing interview.

Rob Esche is On Talking Comets, and his time on the Olympic Hockey Team

Rob talks security, Olympics, his time playing in Russia and flying charter in Russia.