Utica, NY (WIBX) - A Syracuse law firm representing Kunkel Ambulance Service has written a cease and desist letter to Utica's Fire Chief warning him to stop making false and defamatory statments.

The firm, Taddeo & Shahan, believes Fire Chief Russ Brooks has made public comments inferring that Kunkel was violating laws did not have appropriate equipment.

During a recent interview on B-95, the letter says Brooks comments rise to the level of per se business libel, alleging Kunkel was violating relevant laws, rules, regulations, standards and protocols.

Brooks said at one point, "...many people we take [to the hospital] are people private ambulance services won't take."

Brooks infered Kunkel refuses to care for patients without insurance, which is not true, the letter read.

The chief also discussed the capability of Utica's 12-lead EKG technology, saying the UFD was the first in the nation, out of 12,000 ambulance companies in the country, to have it. And, was still one of only a few that does.

Taddeo & Shahan believe the chief indicated Kunkel does not have have appropriate equipment and technology, while the Utica Fire Department does.

Brooks tells WIBX he's never said anything negative about Kunkel or other private ambulance services, and wants to simply promote Utica's service.