Utica, NY (WIBX) - Is a special election neccessary this summer to replace RoAnn Destito in the Assembly, or can it wait until November?

Oneida County Board of Legislators Chairman Jerry Fiorini and Minority Leader David Wood have written Governor Cuomo asking him to hold off on calling for a special election, mainly because of how much it would cost.

"One of the things that alarmed us was, to hold a special election just in the 116th district,  it would cost us $212,000," Wood said. "That includes $107,000 for the printing of ballots. For the inspectors, the next largest cost, [it's] $67,000. And, a poll inspector would be another $22,000."

Destito has taken over as commissioner of the Office of General Services following her confirmation to the post earlier this month by the state Senate.

The Assembly is not scheduled to return to session, so not having a representative in the seat wouldn't hurt the area, he said.

The special election candidates have already been named, Democrat Anthony Brindisi and Republican Greg Johnson, and it is expected than the governor would for an election to fill the seat sometime this summer.

Wood says he hasn't heard back yet from Governor Cuomo.

Johnson told WIBX Wednesday he wasn't sure if the letter would impact Governor Cuomo and his decision, but said he would be prepared for the election whenever it's held.

"If we can save $212,000, I think we should definitely look into it," Johnson said.

Calls seeking comment from Brindisi were not returned.