Rome, NY (WIBX) - The training is as realistic as it's going to get! FATS, or The Firearms Training Simulator, is a free training program offered to law enforcement officials. The training takes place at Griffiss Airforce Base in Rome.

Sgt. Kyle Leitenberger is one of the Combat Arms Trainers. He says the program brings a real life situation into a class room setting. "There are subjects out there on the screen, you reacted to the situation--it was either shoot or no-shoot situation, and you had to really use your words, you had to use your words to give the commands to that subject on the screen," he said.

He goes on to say that the training is very effective. "Here, if you make a mistake, you can fix it. Out on the road, military or civilian law enforcement, if you make a mistake, you may not be going home at night," he said. Local media outlets were invited to see and experience firsthand how the program works. Police and military personell from across the state, train using the FATS system at Griffiss.