She was the victim of a hate crime...her car was vandalized with graffiti because she is gay. Her VW Beetle was spray painted with the word 'fag' on the door, and 'u r gay' across the hood.

Erin Davies lives in Syracuse now but was attending college in Albany, NY at the time. She took her her Beetle, and it's new paint job, across the country - dubbed the 'fagbug' - to gauge the reactions from others, and because she wanted to ''do the opposite of what they thought I would do.''

  • ''It doesn't define the area of just takes one or two people to do something like that.''
  • ''I was pretty embarrassed and humiliated by it. But a lot of coincidences happened...the insurance company was backed up for five days. Because my car was left like that...15 people stopped to come to talk to me about it in the first two days."
  • ''It was people reaching out [concerned] asking me are you okay?''
  • "I never got a good parking spot on campus, but one day [with car labeled with the derogatory terms on it] I went to school and got a spot right in front of the administrative building," she says, adding the car 50 complaints and they told ''me I had to move it."
  • Davies decided to create a video to document the reaction the car got from others. In some cases Davies has a man drive the car, to measure the different reaction the car gets when a woman is driving the car vs. a man.
  • Her reason: "Do the opposite of what they thought I would do."
  • The Fagbug has been to every state in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii
  • Now the car has been repainted, with rainbow stripes, and includes the documentary's web address '' on each side.