The Marlins of Major League Baseball are getting a complete makeover.

First, the team's name has been changed to the Miami Marlins. Second, they have a new logo and, of course, that means new uniforms. Plus, they'll be playing in a brand new ballpark next year, New Marlins Stadium.

There could also be new superstar players in those new jerseys under the leaderships of the team's new manager, Ozzie Guillen.

A article details all the changes, and the free agents the Marlins are courting, including Jose Reyes, Albert Pujols and Mark Buerhle, according to reports.

It's a fresh start for "The Fish." The Miami Marlins, formerly the Florida Marlins, got more than a name change Friday night. The MLB team revealed new uniforms and a new logo for the upcoming baseball season during an unveiling ceremony on Nov. 11.

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