This one falls into the free agent signings category.

Jason Bay built a name for himself as a slugging left fielder and cemented his reputation with a breaking season, smacking 36 home runs to go with 119 RBI's in 2009 with the Boston Red Sox. But after signing a four year, $66 million deal with the Mets, Bay couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a hand grenade.

In his three seasons with the Metropolitans, Bay did not COMBINE to hit the number of dingers he did in Boston, and barely eclipsed his 2009 RBI total. In his entire Mets career he had just 26 home runs and 124 RBI's!!! Not to mention .165 BA in his final year, 2012, while playing in just 70 games.

The Mets and Bay ultimately came to an agreement to buy out the remainder of his contract allowing both sides to go their separate ways.

To his credit, Bay always seemed to hustle on the bases and in the field, and publicly acknowledged that he wasn't earning the money his contract was paying him. During his stay in the Big Apple, he was injured three different times in the field while crashing and diving into walls - resulting in a concussion, bruised ribs and finally broken ribs.

At least he tried, I guess.