Bricks have fallen off of the top two floors of the former General Herkimer Hotel, most recently the site of "Glory Days" in Herkimer, New York.

Portions of the roof caved in onto the top floor.  Herkimer Police say it is nothing too dramatic, but officials are studying the building.  The city will ultimately decide what to do with it.

The building, considered a historic landmark - albeit an unofficially one - for many in the Village of Herkimer, is privately owned, and has been in disrepair for some time.  The unoccupied building at 248 North Main Street was most recently known as the final hideout for Kurt Myers, who shot and killed four people and an FBI K9 before he was killed by police during the Herkimer Shooting in March 2013.

The first floor of the building was recently covered by murals created by area students to help inject some life and positivity to the site.

(with additional reporting by Ed Manne for WIBX)