You may be very unfamiliar with Governor Andrew Cuomo's two Democratic primary opponents this fall. Here is a closer look at the candidate who you've probably already written off.

The first, Zephyr Teachout, is a Fordham Law professor who recently had her nominating petitions for the September 9th primary upheld in court.

The other is Randy Credico is an eccentric, comedian/political satirist/impressionist and activist whose ideas are either offbeat, to say the least, or way out in left field, depending on your perspective.

Saying he's 'the most progressive candidate since FDR', Credico joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to outline his 'New Deal for New York' which includes:

  • legalizing marijuana
  • banning hydrofracking across New York
  • a $15 per hour minimum wage
  • free public transportation for those who can't afford it
  • free SUNY and CUNY tuition

The 60-year-old candidate also went into great detail about his recent arrest and release for 'menacing a police officer', which he says came after he videotaped non-uniformed officers arresting another man:

Part 1 (Talking about his arrest):

Part 2 (Discussion of his ideas, and some impressions, too):