Ilion, NY (WIBX) - Remington Arms's parent company is consolidating and closing the Bushmaster Firearms facility in Maine.  But, that's good news locally as 40 to 50 jobs will be relocated to Ilion.

Plant Manager Jim Rabbia says the facility in Ilion continues to add jobs as parent company, Freedom Group International, looks to streamline operations.

"In late 2008, we added Harrington and Richardson Company to this facility. Last year, we added a portion of Marlin Firearms, both of those additions were about a hundred people each. And, now with the addition of Bushamsters, we'll add about another 40 people," Rabbia said.

"[Remington] is an established manufacturing facility, we bring a lot of infrastructure to the table. We're looking at all of our facilities, and each facility has capacity in terms of floor space and we're trying to consolidate as much as possibile for the sake of cost cutting and being competitive."

Rabbia says the process to fill the new positions has already begun, and said Remington has a file of applicants from the past expansions. He is, though, encouraging anyone interested to apply for current or future openings that may come from further expansion or retirements.

Senator Charles Schumer joined Remington officials for the announcement. He said the additional jobs locally strengthens the plant's ability to compete for federal contracts.

Schumer also encouraged company officials to 'knock on my door' if they ever feel the process for contract bidding has become unfair, or if federal regulations become overburdernsome.