Legendary marathon runner Bill Rodgers says the Boston Marathon Bombings won't stop the sport of running or its participants from running future events.

''Coming out of nowhere like this, that is terrorism, of course. But, the number one thing to remember is, this isn't going to stop the Boston Marathon, it isn't going to stop runners. It isn't going to stop any of us,'' Rodgers said, appearing on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning on the morning after the horrific attack.

''We're Americans. But this is an international sport. It's one of the ultimate activities that brings people together from all over the world. And we know that.''

Rodgers also recalled a direct threat that he once received, along with political demonstrations along the course.

It was 1979, and he was on his way to the second of three consecutive Boston Marathon victories. All told, Rodgers won it four times over his career

''I was running the race and someone said, 'You're not going to make it past Kenmore Square.' But that didn't stop me. When I got to that area I kept my eyes open. But, I thought, 'They're not gonna stop me, no way,''' Rodgers said.

''We are a tight knitt people in our own way, and we prove it when we do events like the Boston Marathon and the Boilermaker. And we saw it in New York City after the attacks there when 50,000 American runners came right in, not afraid to fly. And people flew in from around the world. There were 45 nations represented [in Boston] yesterday. They attacked 45 nations. That's just stupid,'' Rodgers said.

''Maybe these people know who important these events are to us, and they think, 'We can hurt them'. But they made a mistake in that kind of thinking,'' Rodgers said, adding that he'd be in Utica for the upcoming Boilermaker in July.

''It's going to be an honor to run the race again this year. I'll see you in July, for sure,'' Rodgers said to Boilermaker executive director Tim Reed, who was in the studio during First News with Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday.