The F. X. Matt Brewing company has another feather to put in its cap.
Saranac Adirondack Lager, the company's original Saranac beer has been voted one of the best beers in the world at the Brussels Beer Challenge.

The traditional German style Lager won the bronze medal in the German Style Marzen Category.

This is Adirondack Lager's 8th international win, confirming it's place among the world's best beers.

“We’re always proud to win awards in any competition, but it is particularly special to win international awards among the world’s toughest beer competitors,” said Fred Matt. “In this case, it’s even more special to win in a German Style category, with competitors from Germany. This really shows off our 125 years of brewing expertise that originated with my great-grandfather, who learned to brew there.”

Adirondack Lager is available year-round and is the Saranac brand's third most awarded beer behind Black Forest and Pale Ale.