County Sales Tax Will Stay at 8.75%

The morning started with the Oneida County Sales Tax vote that came yesterday, as the County Legislature voted 26-3 to keep the sales tax where it is.

Legislator Richard Flisnik, (R-Marcy) and Frank Tallarino (D-Rome) were both on the air.  Both voted to keep the sales tax where it is, because 'it's just not the right time to increase it.'  (Audio will be coming)

Here's a story and audio from other players on the topic:

Who's Dumber than Bill Keeler?

Here's a letter sent in by the former opponent of County Exec Tony Picente, Rodger Potocki - that calls Keeler a dummy.

The Trans Gender Issue with Lisa Noll

Lisa Noll, a lesbian who appears on Keeler's show often, discusses the issue of Transgender.  In California, Transgender students age kindergarten through 12th grade are now allowed to use the bathroom they feel most affiliated with.


The definition of Transgender:  A person's identity does not match their assigned sex

(Submitted photo)

Here's a photo of Lisa Noll, she's originally from Ilion, now living in Florida.

A New Animal Humane Officer in Oneida County?

Last night, at the Oneida County Legislature meeting, the topic was brought up about the County adding an Animal Humane Officer position.  Kim Strong, a local animal advocate and animal trainer, talked about why this position will be cost effective for Oneida County.

[Audio will be posted later]

 The Transgender Issue

Listeners calling in the the topic.  Here's the story about California.