Mohawk, NY (WIBX) - "That's a large price tag for such a small village."

That's how state Senator James Seward characterized the bill to repair the culvert under Route 28, which runs through the village of Mohawk. Seward and Assemblyman Marc Butler secured a $400,000 state Multi-Modal grant to pay for the repairs.

Without it, the village would have had to drastically raise taxes, or face the possible closure of Route 28, Mayor Irene Sweet said.

While Route 28 is a state highway, the culvert under the bridge at Minnow Brook is the responsibility of the local municipality, Michael Pawlowski, a resident engineer with the DOT said.

The work included news sidewalks adjacent to the bridge, as well, village officials said.

Also, the village used 'extra' money from the grant, and contributed $50,000 to replace the Fisher Avenue Bridge, near Fisher School, which buses utilize daily, an official said.