As spring weather starts to creep in, many Central New Yorkers are starting to think ahead to summer vacation planning.

While picking a destination may be easy, finding a bargain on hotels and travel might not be.

Nationally known travel expert Chris McGinnis has some tips to help make your vacation less expensive.

First, McGinnis says if you're interested in a summer vacation on a bargain, you should try to go anytime between now and mid June before peak vacation season when prices go up due to higher demand.

You could also wait until Mid-August when kids start returning to school and hotel demand begins to die down.

He also says when booking a hotel, a good way to help your budget is to look for his 'Big Three' hotel freebies.

His big three are free wi-fi, free parking and free breakfast. Some hotels charge up to $60 per day for parking and could charge you $9 a day for wi-fi for each device you have.

Free breakfast can save you about $40 a day which could be better spent on gas, attractions or a nice dinner later on.

To really save money McGinnis suggests skipping the summer season altogether and booking a cruise in the fall. He says cruises are a great way to go because they are all-inclusive, so your ticket includes food and entertainment.

For more travel tips and tricks visit McGinnis' website.