Utica Comptroller Michael Cerminaro is answering questions about the disclosure of the Bonadio letter addressed to Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri.  Budget Director Peter Fiorello responded as well.

And, although both men proclaim mutual respect for the other, their concerns surrounding the issue of the audit and the lack of reconciliation of Utica's accounts, differ slightly.

You can hear portions of our interviews with both gentlemen below:

Comptroller Cerminaro asserted that there is nothing wrong, that the auditors have almost all of the information that they need, and that the working relationship between his office and The Bonadio Group is a good one.

Fiorello is cautiously optimistic that Cerminaro is doing the right thing, but says the delay is worrisome and puts the city at risk for not receiving grant monies.

WIBX will continue to keep you posted on the progress of the audit.