The candidates vying for the Democratic line to run for Utica's First Ward council seat joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning for a debate this week.

Frank Vescera and Ashley Torres debate on WIBX:

Later in the program, Larry Joseph, a member of Utica Democratic Committee, called into the show accusing Torres not paying her taxes. Then jabbed at the candidates husband, saying he has a job in the state office of mental health ''that was given to him by the party.''


WIBX First New with Keeler in the Morning contacted Torres to allow her to respond to the allegations.

Torres says her husband interviewed for the position, as anyone else would, and was lucky to be hired for position, a process she says, that took a couple months.

To the tax issue, ''I am absolutely up to date with my 2013 property taxes. The fact that Mr. Joseph, who is a huge supporter of Frank Vescera, did bring up my property taxes, now I know he did have something to do with the false allegations that were mailed to everyone in the First Ward that said I do not pay my property taxes. Thank you very much Larry Joseph,'' Torress said.

She added that the mailer included a photo of her and her husband.