Utica Schools' Superintendent Bruce Karam joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning on Monday to talk about the restoration of three positions due to some additional money from the state.

Keeler asked Karam what he thought about the idea that teachers are overpaid, and the impact on the overall cost of education.

''Salaries are what salaries are. It's taken years for these salaries to get where they are, and a lot of it is based on seniority and this has been negotiated - it didn't just happen overnight,'' Karam said.

''Most schools across New York have declining enrollment, that is not the case in Utica - we have a high refugee population and the USD is growing.''

And, not only is Utica not getting the funding to match that growth, they can't even maintain what they have, or in some cases, Karam said.

He said there are many factors leading to the district's financial concerns, including the school aid formula, the property tax cap and the addition of a charter school in Utica, meaning the public school system will see millions and millions less, Karam said.

Full interview from WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning: