In a move that comes as a surprise to some, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks has unanimously approved a $575 million renovation project at Wrigley Field, according to the Chicago Tribune.

It's a surprise for a couple reasons.

First, most landmark commissions/society's usually don't like the idea of tweaking historic sites, especially 100-plus year-old living museums like Wrigley Field. Not to mention, they shot down a similar plan last year.

Second, the owners of those rooftop seats across the street from Wrigley are up in arms.

The plan to add additional advertising signs and a Jumbotron to the outfield walls will undoubtedly obstruct the view of at least some of the those rooftop seats, which have been built on top of buildings across the street from the stadium (photo below).

But the possibility of a lawsuit looms from a group of rooftop club owners whose 15 businesses line Waveland and Sheffield avenues. Their contention is that the approved signage violates their contract with the club and has the potential to kill their business.

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images


Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images