The severe thunderstorm that ripped through the Mohawk Valley on Labor Day evening is being blamed for destroying the countdown clock at Boilermaker headquarters on

Boilermaker Executive Director Tim Reed walks in to Boilermaker headquarters over the summer during a press conference, with the countdown clock in the background. (Photo by Justin Cortese)

Genesee Street in Utica.

It's "totally destroyed" according to Executive Director Tim Reed who said yesterday's storm tore the clock off the building.

Reed said it's still unclear if the replacement of the clock will be covered by insurance.

The countdown clock was made and installed by Eversan LED Signs in Whitesboro back in January of 2010, with the assistance of Indium Corporation and New Hartford

Here's the front of the Boilermaker Building prior to last night's storm.  (Photo courtesy of

Sheet Metal.  The clock continuously counts down the days, hours and minutes until the next Boilermaker Road Race.