james seward

Senate Announces Farming Initiative
A proposal has been unveiled in the state Senate to help farmers.
Senator James Seward says the "Grown in New York" plan will strengthen the state's $5.2 billion dollar agriculture industry.
Seward says the initiative would reduce taxes on farmers, eliminate an energy tax surcharge, cut gove…
Seward Attends Albany Gun Rally
Thousands attended a pro gun rally at the State Capitol yesterday, including Senator James Seward.
Seward says passing a bill that diminishes Second Amendment rights and makes criminals out of law abiding gun owners fails to address the real cause of gun violence...
Seward Stands With Gun Owners
State Senator James Seward joined in a rally outside the state Capitol today in support of gun owners' rights.
Seward says law abiding gun owners made the trip to Albany to exercise their First Amendment right and express their opposition to the governor's gun control bill, which tramples o…

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