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Court to Zecca and Vescera: No Appeal
City Councilman Frank Vescera and former Councilman and Comptroller candidate James Zecca have been denied permission to appeal a recent court ruling that deemed them ineligible to appear on the ballot on the Democratic party line during Tuesday’s primary.
Keeler in the Morning Show Notes for Monday, February 17th
Monday, February 17, 2014
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Hometown of the Day:  New Hartford
Newsmaker of the Day:  Fire
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-Terrible fire in New Hartford, 2 young boys and a 21 yea…
How Ugly Is Utica Politics? EXCLUSIVE [AUDIO]
How ugly is Utica politics?  From the sound of it...pretty ugly.  Regardless of where you stand, or do not stand, politically, one might think from the examples below that civility in politics is severely lacking.  Fortunately, there exists other discourse to prove otherwise.

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