WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning catches up with Tony Soprano look-alike - Don Metzger - who was Tony's actual photo-double during filming of the hit HBO series.

''After the [look alike] contest in 2001, a few years later, [HBO] called me in to be his photo double on the show,'' Metzger said.

Recalling James Gandolfini, Metzger says, off camera, he was friendly and courteous, 'not typical of a Hollywood celebrity.'

''If you were with him or around him, you were an equal,'' Metzger said

Metzger and a Carmella Soprano look-alike, Allison, make party appearances as the mob husband and wife, and according their website - Sopranoslookalikes.com - ...They can meet, greet, and schmooze with your guests, present awards, do toasts, argue with each other, talk about their working on the show, and Tony can humiliate those you want made an example out of.

Metzger says he's actually made appearances at Delmonico's in Utica, NY and really enjoyed the area's Italian food, he said. He was also present during a 'Goodfellas' movie event at the Uptown Theatre in Utica, along with Henry Hill.

And, if wanted to further authenticate Metzger's mob-links, he says he is the only real tie between the Sopranos and the movie Goodfellas. Metzger is Tony Sopranos look-alike, and as a child worked as a shoe shine boy at the real Maury's Wig Shop, featured in the Goodfellas movie.

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