It is one of the "easiest" crimes to commit and it happened almost sixty times last month in one Central New York city alone.

The theft of items from vehicles often is without consequence for the perpetrators, who  work fast and almost invisibly.  In many cases motorists leave valuables in plain sight, tempting thieves to act.  A GPS or laptop left on the passenger seat of a car can say, "take me" to the criminal looking for quick and easy cash.

In a news release Utica Police say:

"Please do not leave any valuable property in plain sight within your vehicle. Most importantly, lock your car. These simple tips will drastically reduce the theft from car problem. Most car thieves target vehicles where they can make a quick score. Vehicles that are locked with no visible property discourage would-be criminals.

REMEMBER!!! Like most crimes, car larcenies are a crime of opportunity. Don't   give them the opportunity. Safe guard your valuables and lock your car doors."

Below is a map posted on the UPD's Google+ page showing where most of the thefts from cars have occurred in July 2013:

Utica Police Department Google+ page, Google Maps 2013

And, if you happen to catch someone in the act of stealing something from your car, call police right away.

Last year we asked listeners whether they had ever had their cars broken into.  Here is what they reported:


Poll Results: Has Your Car Ever Been Broken Into?

Marcy, NY (WIBX) - Thefts from vehicles are on the rise in Utica, despite the fact that auto thefts were down in the city last year. We are our listeners whether they had been victims of car thefts. Just under seventy percent said that they had experienced a theft from their cars.