Utica, NY (WIBX) - A key witness in the murder of 19-year-old Shaun Vaughn of Utica took the stand Wednesday morning.

Randolph Brown has admitted to his role in the January 2010 home invasion and testified against both Eric Blackshear Junior and Vincent Enos. Each is charged with Vaughn's murder, along with robbery and burglary.

Brown said he didn't intially implicate Blackshear and Enos when was interviewed by police because he was scared, and was close friends with Enos. Attorneys for the defendants called questioned Brown about inconsistencies in his statement to police and testimony on the stand. Brown had initially told police four people were involved, but testified it was only three. He also told police the getaway vehicle was green, but later said it was black.  

Brown pleaded guilty earlier this month to robbery and burglary in connection with the incident.

Police officials also testified about the arrest of Blackshear at an apartment at 1404 Gray Avenue, in the Michael Walsh Apartments.

The testimony involved serving a search warrant at the apartment with the intent of location Blackshear. The witnesses also discussed some of the items found in the home, which included a red backpack that had the name of Vaughn's younger brother Malik inside.

Previous testimony from Vaughn's stepfather indicated that the red backpack was missing from their home after the January 22nd, 2010 murder, along with an XBOX and several games for the gaming system.

Police testified they also found a large amount of cash on the kitchen table, about $1,600, and several XBOX games.


Jurors also heard testimony from an ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects charged in the 2010 Waverly Place murder.

Camille Searcey was dating Eric Blackshear Junior in January of last year. She says Blackshear,  Enos and Brown showed up at her home on the morning of Shaun Vaughn's murder, carrying two bags or backpacks.

Searcey said while Blackshear and Enos were acting 'normal', Brown commented the he was going home to pray for his sins that day, and was 'jumpy and sweaty'.

She says after they left, she discovered her dresser drawer was filled with money.