For years, mankind has worried about the effects of constant cell phone. It turns out, though, the only thing that cell phones have inflicted on us is stress from constantly worrying about it.

One of the most serious concerns was that the non-ionizing radiation that cell phones can release could cause brain tumors and even cancer. However, the UK’s independent Health Protection Agency (HPA) released the results of a scientific study that shows that isn’t the case.

The agency said the study found “no convincing evidence that radiofrequency field exposure below internationally agreed guideline levels…causes health effects in adults or children.”

Not only did the HPA find no evidence of a connection between cell phones and cancer, but the results produced similar results for other maladies and disorders, such as “cardiovascular morbidity and reproductive function.”

The report also concluded that cell phones have only been in widespread use for the last 15 years, but they still should be monitored, even though the current evidence shows there are no evidence of risk so far. Therefore, the subject still requires close scientific study over time.

Dr. John Cooper, the HPA’s director of the Center for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, said the lack of medical effects doesn’t mean that everyone should glue their cell phone to the side of the head, particularly children.

As this is a relatively new technology, the HPA will continue to advise a precautionary approach and keep the science under close review. The HPA recommends that excessive use of mobile phones by children should be discouraged and mobile phone Specific Energy Absorption Rates (SAR) values should be clearly marked in the phone sales literature.”