A developer looking to build nine homes along the Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Recreational Trail in New Hartford says the Town Board is holding up his project for a study and repairs that should be done on the town's dime.

Robert Kessler of R. kessler & Associates says along the way he's received the town's blessing on all necessary work for the subdivision but now says officials won't accept the road he's built for dedication - which connects Glendale Avenue (off of Middle Settlement Rd.) and Bartlett Rd, both of which are currently dead ends. The connecting road, and surrounding property would form this new subdivision, called Trailside.

The study the town is asking for could include an examination of the water system on the opposite side of Middle Settlement Road where flooding concerns have existed for decades, Kessler said. Furthermore, the town would like him to fix those issues, things Kessler says aren't related to his project and should be the town's responsibility.

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He says without 'legal road frontage' he can't obtain building permits and potential buyers are pulling out or facing loan complications because of the delay. In turn, that's holding up his funding to continue the project.

''Depending on what they're looking for [the study] could cost upwards of $35,000-40,000'', he said. Plus the cost associated with fixing those issues, he said.

Kessler says flooding issues below Middle Settlement Road are tied to storm water runoff from Whitestown that have been 'going on since the 80's.'

''I've solved all the issues [on the subdivision site] and I also - there's a drainage pipe that comes down from Whitestown - I diverted that into my detention pond so that it's not rushing through [to Middle Settlement Rd.].''

''I've gone above and beyond'', Kessler said, ''Now they're basically trying to force me to do a drainage study before they accept the road even though I did everything I was supposed to do - as per New Hartford law - to get them to accept this road for dedication.''

Calls to New Hartford Town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski and Highway Superintendent Richard Sherman were not immediately returned.

Kessler with be a guest Tuesday morning on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.

Site of proposed Trailside subdivision in New Hartford - October 6, 2014 (Jeff Monaski, WIBX)
Site of proposed Trailside subdivision in New Hartford - October 6, 2014 (Jeff Monaski, WIBX)