Historians, parents, and children alike have often debated the merits of one Santa Claus and his uncanny ability to span the globe on Christmas Eve so efficiently, every child on the planet gets to wake the next morning to the delight of gifts under the tree.

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How does he do it?

Does his sleigh come equipped with magical push-button technology that propels the craft at warp speed?  Perhaps Santa is able to teleport? And maybe the reindeer are powerful enough to give the jolly old toboggan enough juice to dart around the globe!

We may never know the answers to these questions, and that's what makes the magic of Christmas so awesome.  We don't actually know any of this, but we believe all of it!

One thing historians have also discussed - aside from the magic of the sleigh- is the origin.  Who made it?  Where does it come from?  And where does Albany, New York come into play?

Well here's some interesting historical data that links Santa's magical sleigh to an Upstate city that starts with an "A."


Sleigh Ride
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According to Friends of Albany History, back in the 19th century, the big guy was pretty-much only depicted in images riding around in a sleigh known as an  "Albany cutter,"  a high-end sled for its time, that had a distinctive design and shape.  According to historians, "the Albany sleigh became the "must-have" in the late 1880s. James Goold of Albany developed the design in the early 1820s...The cutter was the product of highly trained and exceptional craftsmen."

So when you see classic photos of Santa making the rounds his distinctive "Albany cutter" sleigh, you can thank James Goold

See photos and read more about Santa's historical link-back to Albany, New York!



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