The acoustic guitar that Kurt Cobain played in Nirvana's MTV "unplugged" special made a. lot more money than. anyone expected. The guitar sold for more than six million dollars at auction.  The sale makes it the highest price ever given for a guitar.

During the 1993 performance, Cobain used the guitar on all 14 songs in their set.  The Cobain guitar is a 1959 Martin D-18E that he had customized for a left-handed player.

There's no word yet on who bought the guitar and why they paid so much. This was the guitar Kurt's daughter, Francis Bean, gave to her husband.  He claims it was a gift and wouldn't return it during their divorce.

Cobain would be found dead one year later in 1994. After rising to legendary stardom in just two years, Cobain took his own life using a shotgun to shock the world.

Recently, the Guardian ranked the Top 20 Cobain/Nirvana songs. Here's the list:

20. Blew (1989)

19. Territorial Pissings (1991)=

18. Lithium (1991)



17. Rape Me (1993)

16. Sappy (1990-93)


15. Scentless Apprentice (1993)

14. Polly (1991)

13. School (1989)


12. Something in the Way (1991)

11. Been a Son (1989)

10. Drain You (1991)

9. Dumb (1993)

8. About a Girl (1989)

7. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (1993, released 1994)

6. Aneurysm (1991)

5. Sliver (1990)

4. In Bloom (1991)


3. Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991)

2. All Apologies (1993)

1. Heart-Shaped Box (1993)


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