Grilling season is here in New York and while millions of New Yorkers will fire up the grill this week, the most popular grilling item might shock you.

When you think of grilling at home, most people think of hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, or a nice steak. But in New York, the most popular search grilling term might come out of the left field.

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According to the website while corn on the cob is the most searched vegetable in the country, and chicken breasts were a top search item, the number one search food for New York State is unusual.

The most-searched grilling term for New York State was "Grilled Clams"

Yes...clams were the number one food that New Yorkers searched for how to grill. Plus according to several different recipes, they are easy to grill.

Simply put the clams on the grill grate for around 8-10 minutes until they pop open. After that, transfer them to a plate, pry off the top shell and add some sauce or melted butter you are all set.

Besides clams, here are some other top grill searches in New York.

"How to grill T-Bone Steak"
"How to grill chicken"
"How to grill kabobs"
"How to grill salmon"
"How to grill pineapple"

From meat to vegetables to fruit, this summer will be perfect for grilling. Go out there have some fun, try some new recipes, and enjoy. A personal favorite of mine is grilled watermelon. It tastes great and kids love the unique take on a summer favorite.

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