The National Weather Service has posted severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of south central New York and northeastern Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: 07/0/2014  1820  Approximately 2,000 customers in the Utica area are reported to be without power.  Crews are assessing the situation.  Approximately 5,000 customers are without power in the Syracuse area.

Scattered power outages have been reported.  None have lasted more than a few minutes as of this posting.  National Grid is advising customers to call them at (800) 867.5222 in New York (or on the telephone number provided on the latest utility bill) and notify the company of outages and downed tree limbs and power lines.

In addition the company advises residents to turn off devices that may be damaged by a power surge.

The National Weather Service is advising residents in the path of storms to stay indoors if possible and away from windows.