Utica, NY (WIBX) - Now that Utica's Master Plan is in place, 2nd District Councilman Jim Zecca plans to introduce a resolution that will create a committee to look into the feasibility of forming a low-cost public power utility service for the City of Utica.

"We've looked at this in years past but it seems like nothing has ever transpired, but now that the Master Plan is put together, I think this can be a duty of the Infrastructure Committee", Zecca said.

According to Councilman Zecca, more than 50 municipalities in New York, including Sherill and Ilion, run their own power system with rates significantly below that of the investor-owned utilities.

"We have all the lighting - the street lighting system in the city; taxpayers are paying that, we're paying that bill every month to National Grid for the street lighting, that doesn't come free", Zecca added.

Zecca also believes cheaper power will also help attract new business to Utica. He plans on introducing this new resolution at the next Common Council meeting, October 26th.