Every morning on WIBX's Keeler Show we give people a chance to win cash with our Free Money Question of the Day from the Hobika Law Firm.  How good are you when it comes to Greater Utica knowledge?  Take the quiz.  The answers are at the bottom of the post.


1.   Comets co-owner Frank DeRoss owned what AHL franchise in the 1990s? 

2.   Former Utica Devils play by play announcer Jim Jackson now calls the games for what NHL team?

3.   Comets co-owner Rob Esche was a star goalie for what NHL team?

4.   Jim Park was a star goalie in Utica in the mid to late 70’s. What team did he play for?

5.   Which hockey team came to Utica first.  The Mohawk Valley Stars, The Mohawk Valley Prowlers or the Utica Blizzard?

6.   The Palmer House in Herkimer was home to what radio station in the 1950s?

7.   Utica Club was the first beer sold in America after the defeat of prohibition on April 7th of what year?

8.   FX Matt is the 4th oldest family brewery in the US.  They started brewing in what year?

9.   The City of Rome became incorporated Rome in what year?

10. Which legendary guitarist has played in these bands: Rock Candy Funk Party and Black Country Communion.

11. What year did the Utica College Pioneers begin their hockey program?  

12.  Back in the 1950s, the Boston Store was bustling and growing. There was a bank right next door…What was the name of the bank?

13.  The Delbert Ward trial happened in 1991 and led to the acquittal of Delbert in the murder of his brother and the documentary, Brother’s keeper. Who was the Current Affair host that interviewed Delbert Ward and made the Munnsville man nationally recognized?

14.  The Utica Observer Dispatch was founded in 1817. It wasn’t called the Utica Observer Dispatch back then. What was it called?

15.  Prior to becoming a village, what local community used to be known as Stone Ridge?

16.  What university is closest to Franklin Springs, New York?

17.  What did Remington start making in Ilion, NY in 1873?

18.  What anniversary is the 2017 WIBX Slocum Dickson Heart Radio Than?

19.  What year did Hamilton college begin admitting women?

20.  Hamilton College used to have a sister college that was all female. What was it called?  

21.  What year did the Remington family sell Remington Arms to someone outside the family?


Answers: 1) Providence Bruins 2) Philadelphia Flyers 3) Philadelphia Flyers 4) Mohawk Valley Comets 5) Mohawk Valley Stars 6) WALY  7) 1933 8) 1888 9) 1870  10) Joe Bonamasa 11) 2001 12) Oneida National 13) Connie Chung 14) The Utica Daily Observer 15) Village of Herkimer 16) Colgate (Hamilton is  College) 17) The Remington Typewriter 18) 46th 19) 1978 20) Kirkland College 21) 1888

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