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Weight Question for Hobika Free Money Causes Stir on Friday
Every weekday morning on the Keeler Show at 7:35 we play Hobika's Free Money Question of the Day. It's basically a trivia question to win $100 and we give the contestant 7-seconds to answer. Every once in a while, there's controversy around the question, like there was on Friday.
Surprise! Peeps Flavored Pepsi Promo Smells Super Fishy
I am so annoyed at this latest marketing ploy by Pepsi and Peeps, claiming to release an ultra-limited Peeps flavored Pepsi in a three pack of different colored cans, each teasing you with the flavor of marshmallow. The product looks very enticing, but the promotion seems to be extra flat. Or, are w…
You'll Never Believe What the Pesky Pantry Insects Got Into
Recently, my wife and I discovered a cluster of moths flying inside our very clean walk-in pantry. Thanks to Google, we quickly discovered the bugs were pantry moths and the only way to get rid of them is to throw everything out, and clean thoroughly. That's what we did two weeks ago and my upd…

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