The World's Largest Yard Sale is coming this weekend to the Herkimer County fairgrounds in Frankfort. Here's 3 more helpful shopping hints to help you get more bang for your buck.

Last week we gave you 3 helpful shopping tips for shopping at the World's Largest Yard Sale.: Set your alarm, be fearless, and Google more.  Here a few more.


Bring the Right Tools

How many times have you found something you really wanted to purchase, but simply didn't have the means to take it home. Think through what you'll  need to properly transport and secure the item, and don't forget to put in your car or truck before leaving home.  Here some of the tools you should bring: Rope, a bungee cord, duck tape, measuring tape, a screwdriver, and a hammer.


Bundle Your Purchases

Vendors want to get rid of their items just as much as you want to receive them, so if you see a number of things you'd like to purchase, grab them all, and offer 1 low price for the entire bunch;  they're more likely to give you a sweet deal.


Pay Full Price

This tip may sound a little off putting at first, but when we're talking about paying full price, we're referring to a situation when you see a number of items you want to purchase at one particular booth. According to Popular Mechanics.Com:

Pay for that big ticket item first, and a bargain is almost guaranteed on those subsequent purchases because the sellers won't think you're cheap.



Strange Stuff You Can Compost With




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