***UPDATE — Leah Stark was located, safe and healthy, in East Syracuse at about 4:20PM on 11/24/2021 and has been reunited with her family. The DeWitt Police Department would like to show their appreciation for the Community’s assistance and support during the search for Leah.

Erica and Jeff Stark last saw their daughter, Leah, laying in bed around midnight on November 24. At 6:45AM, she was missing. Have you seen her?

Leah is 5’8” 120 lbs, with strawberry blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is likely wearing her gray ASICS running shoes.

The family, who lives in Dewitt, New York, have checked her phone/internet activity and nothing suspicious was found. Leah does not have her cell phone on her, and police are currently investigating her whereabouts.

According to Erica Stark, a set of footprints went from our back door northwest up the Hamilton Parkway Hill. She believes that Leah ran off due to some personal issues she is dealing with.

She has been dealing with depression and is seeing a therapist due to homophobic incidents and bullying at school from both children and their parents.

If you happen to know any details regarding her whereabouts, you can contact Leah's mom, Erica, on Facebook - or by contacting the Dewitt Police Department at (315) 449-3640.

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